Changing Your Password
You can change the password of your username here.
With this password, you can log into your e-mail account or complete other tasks.

Changing Your WLAN-Password
This menu item can be enabled under Configuration.
You can change the password of your wireless access here, independent of your normal password.

Password forgotten
If you have forgotten your password, you can change it by correctly answering the security question that you have set already. Alternatively, the InfoCenter is able to reset the password to the initial password.

Changing Your Security Question
Here you can change your personal security question and configure a secret answer. In case you forget your password, you can change it by answering your security question correctly. This answer should only be known to you, of course.

Viewing Your E-mail Addresses (self-administered)
You will be shown a list of all your current generic e-mail addresses for your University of Mannheim e-mail account. In addition, you can set a default mail address.

View Account Information
Here you can see the current state of your account. If your staff account will be locked soon and you have already received a corresponding e-mail, you can register to receive notifications about rejected mails here.

ecUM lock/unlock
Here you can lock/unlock your own ecUM.

Here you can enable or disable special menu options.

Information concerning changes to passwords can be found on the Computing Center website.

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